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Watch! For the Honey Bees Are Coming! — 9 Comments

  1. We live in Midland Georgia, today my wife was walking with our dog on our property when she heard a sound like a speeding vehicle.  She was concerned our dog would run out in front of the vehicle so she bent down to hold him.  That is when she realized the sound was coming from behind her.  From the direction of the house.  Suddenly a very large swarm of bees flew over the house and up the drive toward her.  He laid down on the drive and held the dog tightly.  The bees came over her paused and then moved on across the road and into the forest.  She felt it was a spiritual encounter but was at a loss to explain it.  Tonight I searched for something in prophecy regarding bees and this was the first thing I came to.  Anything the Holy Spirit reveals to you about this encounter would be appreciated.  Please feel free to contact us via my email.

  2. Pulled into a Truck stop today,.Oct.17th, Three days later In Bismark, N.D. and there in front of me,.3 Flat bed Trailers loaded with honey-bee hives !

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