Return to Your First Love!


Father God wants to pour out prosperity, protection, purpose and peace upon our lives but many have settled for the opposite in their life.

We must return to Him, go to the Cross and crucify the flesh and be filled to overflowing with His spirit life.

Allow Him to live His life through you then His divine health will flow and you will have purpose and prosperity and peace will cover you.

Because you will walk in His perfect will you will be under His protection for those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High will dwell under the shadow of the Almighty.

Everything we need is in Him but we must abide in Him.  We must walk with Him and talk with Him as a lifestyle not just when we are in trouble.

We must be in a state of desperation for Him every hour of every day not being independent of Him trying to make it on our own walking in our own will and ways.

Yes, this is the day we must make the choice whether we want to serve Him and be blessed or continue to walk in lack.  Those who walk with Him will never lack any good thing.

We must come up out of the snares of the enemy and his enticements and entrapments and quit biting the bait of distraction.  Many don’t realize it but that is what they are doing.

Even in their prayer life they are being distracted praying for things God never called you to pray for.

We must draw close to Him and pray what is on His heart with His leading.  When you know His will you will see results in your prayer life.

He will give you the strategies even in one word you can pull down the strongholds of the enemy.

Yes, we must return to our first love walk with Him talk with Him and love Him.  Be excited about Him and be set free from all complacency.

We must come to the place where we delight in Him make your abode with Him for He is to be our all in all first desire and life goal!

Then peace will flow like a river and you will prosper in all your ways.  You will be under His protection and you will have the same authority over the enemy as He.

Yes, this is the day to return and be blessed!!


Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website, shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet. I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow. Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.

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