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Watchmen: Aligned, Assigned & Positioned! — 2 Comments

  1. Amen Apostle Barbara. May God bless you for allowing Him to use you so we can be blessed and awaken by His word from you and also by teaching us that “STOP PUTTING PEOPLE IN YOUR BOX”.I was also blessed by this word because people will always try to belittle us but with God on our side their plans will fail always.

  2. I believe a sponge of anointing oil needs to bathe this word. While I see foresight, grace for the transition is seemingly absent; thus the typo’s. Barbara, I hope you are touched by the balance I now release. Be aware of a critical thread of performance and the ultra duty to ministry. God to His elect does not rule with the Iron Fist, He transitions them gracefully. The blood of these positions may not be real for 3 years from this word now being released. There is a move of victory coming first to usher these positions in with a renewed love for God in the simplest of ways. The New does not resemble the old and the learning curve for a new anointing awaits us all.

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