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We Must at All Times Rightly Divide the Word of Truth — 7 Comments

  1. Spirit is Manly; soul is Feminine=woman. What Paul said was to tell that soul to shut up and sit down as there are many preachers preaching from their soulish nature instead of their spiritual nature. It was the soul that usurp authority over the spirit in the garden with both Adam & Eve. What i written is what the spirit says rightly dividing the word of truth.


  2. Amen Sister Joyce.
    Good word.
    We better not count the women out.
    They are a great asset to the Church.
    I have heard great women speak, and I thank God for them.
    May God bless you.
    Pastor Grady Cross

  3. Your welcome and thank you, M F for this blog post on the Junia project.
    I had shared a blog post on Junia before in an article. I believe she was a woman apostle.

    Getting back, i believe the facts quoted there certainly shed light to a lot of things as even why Apostle Paul corrected that way in the Corinthian church.

    Seems as I read much of the history through time you see patterns being repeated.

    There are still masculine and feminine sides to men and women. The devil trys to confuse and pervert so much.

    The Lord has us to correct in a Spirit of love and not condemnation. Yes, to equality through Jesus!
    God bless you.

  4. Hi! In Genesis, we can see that her husband having authority over her was one of Eve’s punishments. That means that in the beginning, before sin, they were equal. I read the Hebrew word used for “helper” to describe Eve, is elsewhere always used to describe God, Who is certainly not our assistant; and it means to consult someone who is qualified to help you with something that you are not able to do. And I came across this article https://juniaproject.com/1-timothy-pauls-language-original-context/ that shows a surprising context of the Corinthians passage, saying about the women warrior cult of Artemis, and how that word “authority” is uniquely used in that passage, and in other places outside of the Bible it was used to describe abuse, violence and even murder. So Paul was telling the women in that church to not abuse the men. Paul said to submit to your husband (but also submit to each other) , but “if you’re a slave, stay a slave, if you’re free, stay free…”. He wasn’t trying to start anarchy. If the agreement in a marriage is the man is in charge, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge- God’s in charge! But I think for a marriage relationally to be what God intended it it be, and for women’s place in society to be what God intended it to be, there has to be equality from Jesus. Equality, but we are certainly not the same! Also Thanks for your article!

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