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What Has Become of All of the Prophecies? — 4 Comments

  1. From a non biased point of view, your messages are contradictory to a lot of the other prophets on the his kingdom prophecy website. I’m not saying that this is good or bad.. but it is what it is. I hope your not undermining others’ insight to what the Lord has spoken to them. You have mentioned that God’s prophets have different purposes, Yes? The reference to pride comes across as condemning to those that aren’t 100% on board to believe your messages.

    • God has purposed His word in me so that I might speak to the people. If it is contradictory to some then I can’t answer that; it is upon their own hearts. When I mention pride that isn’t directed towards who wouldn’t believe my messages, but mainly in that they have become puffed up in their own.

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