What If?


What if you treated Me, your LORD and Savior, as you would treat a lover?

You could hardly wait to hear their voice.

You would talk for hours with no regard of time.

Food would lose it’s taste and all that mattered was just time alone.

There was nothing too expensive for them, because words couldn’t express the depth of love you felt.


Time stood still while separated yet rushed by too quickly when together.


No one else was as important and you wanted to spend life together…. forever.


What if you would simply desire My company above anyone else’s?

What if the sound of My voice was so special, other voices paled in comparison..

Tunes of love constantly invading your every thought as if they were written for the two of us.

What if you could experience the LORD your God, walking and talking with you, as I told you how much you were loved and cherished?

What if you remembered how I left the ninety nine just for you?

My love is endless and knows no bounds!

It is infinite and eternal and sufficient.

My Love is waiting for you.

Be with Me…..”


Angela Pope

Angela PopePastor Angela Pope – a daughter of God in Christ Jesus.



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