What Kind of spirit, do we Manifest?


I guess in many ways, it’s finally come down to the wire; maybe, it always did.  Not to wear out a particular subject, but I am amazed today, just how many places the scripture talks about “the commandments of men” and “the traditions of men.”  I find it in both the Old and New Testaments.  In various ways and with many different words, it talks about how our behavior and attitudes, can be our undoing.

People will likely get upset with some of the next comments, but it is not my message.  One will make a decision, that we will either speak of the things we are moved and instructed to speak about, or follow the easier path.  Some of us, are being called upon, to look back down the road we have come and be more honest than we may ever have been before . We have likely caused a lot of division among the body of Christ, by all of the different interpretations and practices, or lack of, we declare as the truth.

I believe, that being baptized in water is important.  But today, we are being called upon to face a certain reality.  What difference does it make, if we are baptized a certain way, if we are critical, judgmental and arrogant toward others.  If we look down our noses or snub people because they do not see things as we do, what have we really accomplished.  I also believe that we should know the Godhead, as many of us call it, but what does it really matter, if we show forth a spirit of self-righteousness and are unkind.

Sometimes, I ask myself, why more emphasis was not placed on a letter Paul wrote to the Corinthians; particularly chapter 13.  Honestly, you can not be more plain than that.  I heard a minister speak on that some years ago.  It seemed, that some of us were being very desirous of Spiritual gifts.  And somehow, we had been firing darts at one another; rather than being forgiving and trying to uplift our brethren.  We even appeared to be warring against each other.  The Spirit, led this minister to call us to an abrupt halt.

I was confused as a young person, to see others of another denomination in our community, that seemed to have a much better spirit, than some of our folk.  Simply said, they were much easier to entreat; they seemed to radiant more fruit of the Holy Spirit, than some of us who said we knew more and had more.

People today, are turned off by those who claim to be full of the Spirit, but have a hateful, condescending attitude.  I might know certain truths, but they mean nothing, if I do not love people as He loved.

If I do not manifest the right spirit, most of what I say, is pretty much in vain.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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