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A great many people, are not going to believe a prophet, until after what they foretold, comes to pass.  If it is really of the Spirit, only those IN the Spirit, will be able to discern it.  I feel led to deal with a certain issue that keeps popping it’s head up around here.  It is being talked about, that there are so many people today claiming to be apostles, prophets, and evangelists.  So what.  What does the Spirit say?

Do we think that there were never any false prophets before now?  I recall, that Elijah went up against a great deal of them; all at one time.  Let those people claim what they want to.  If we think these small folk are a problem, wait until those with real demonic power step up and begin doing signs and wonders and many great things.  Talk is cheap.  In a more considerate note, some people are trying to find their place in all of this.  People need to go back and read what the apostle said.  It takes exercise and use, to mature.

The church as we know it, is not going to help any of these people.  Many, are doing their best to proclaim whatever they feel they have been given, to the best of their ability.  With patience, and maturity, they can be very useful tools in the Lord’s hands.  If we discern in the Spirit, we’ll know who is the right thing, and who is not.  It’s a lot better than a whole bunch of old critics who’ve never even desired things of the Spirit; much less use them.

I tell you some of what I see.  

I see some sincere men and women, who know that there is great trouble and woe on the horizon; and in their way, they are trying every way they know how to speak what they can.  It may not all come out just right, but they’re trying; they sense peril.  And just because hard-hearted folk are either too busy or too proud to even try to listen, doesn’t mean, God is not trying to use whomever He can, in this hour.  Too many, think they are too spiritual, too arrived, to even hear it.

Like it or not, these have a much better grasp of what is coming, than many who have been in the church for eons of years.  Babies who are still on milk, are making criticism on someone else; when they never matured themselves.  (Lord, that’s not what I thought this was going to be about.)  If these are truly seeking to follow the Spirit, He will teach them more as it goes along.  If certain folk had grown and matured over the years, as the true five-fold ministry was set in the church, they could put their arms around some of these and guide them.

Oh, Holy Ghost, keep teaching us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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