Who Are You in the Next Season?


Lance WallnauA year ago we attended a three day conference with Lance Wallnau.

His opening statement was a doozy :-  “You will rise to the height of your dominant restraint.”

That proverbial slap in the face awakened us to a new awareness, and yet another statement :-  “Your greatest enemy are lingering doubts about who, what, and why you are called to be.”

Our ‘dominant restraint’ pens us in a corral with no visible sign of escape, yet grace, mercy, and love (from above) lift us, loft us, and change our trajectory with power beyond human comprehension.

Who are you in the next season?

You must be something you’ve never been to be something you have to do.

‘Purpose’ is what pulls you through the process to get there… the devil’s job is to get you to doubt your identity.

It is OK to not know what you are doing – in fact, during this season your dependency upon God only grows deeper!


Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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