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Wildfire That Cannot be Extinguished! — 8 Comments

  1. Your wildfire word blows me away! God spoke to me in the night several years ago when I was going through family and marital problems. I heard “breaker anointing” and didn’t even know what it was. Then a missionary on furlough came to our church and spoke a word over me. She saw walls surrounding me and a mountain of boulders in front of me.  She said The Breaker would break down the walls and mountain and lead me to my personal promised land.  This was all new to me but powerful.  I never forgot it.  Your word today is so personal. I claim it that it will be imminent upon me.  May the LORD bless you and your ministry today!

  2. Amen!Halleluyah!
    Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to be rebuilt by you to have your thoughts and thoughts of your kingdom of God. Lord, Father, I long for You! I look up to you and are willing to listen and obey you. Then I will not be afraid. Because I am in your protection, the Lord rejoices in me, and I praise you.

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