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  1. “Learn to live as close to the bare necessities and essentials as possible”

    I would add that one also shall train oneself to live at least partly the day without food because in times of turmoil will the great masses who are in bondage to the ‘king of the belly’ be dangerous.
    Programs and competitions in cooking is flooding the world so this spirit’s influence in one’s life is something to begin to overcome right now.
    The Lord has trained me in this some years now and from that moment I decided to live this, daily and partly, fasted life, the ‘spirit of hunger and appetite’ also disappears the required time.
    I am sure that when the really bad times comes, the Lord can if necessary ‘speak’ in nutrition directly into our body.
    “I have food to eat that ye have not known. John 4:32 (Dan.1:15)