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Will You Accept or Reject MY Offer to Help? — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for instructions
    We need to do our very best to strike a bargain of how many cleansed by the Lamb and keeping the way of the Lord God, He needs in our nations. Will it be fifty? forty-five? Thirty? Twenty? Ten? We need to do our best not to find a way after another of not listening, when the Lord is talking repentance and cleansing. No one can ever love more than God love us, ever! So, listening to the Lord is always for our very best. We were given more time for more cleansing, it is the Lord God Who draw the line.
    The enemy has always done everything to have us ignore and bend the Word of God (you do not have to love all your neighbors, brothers and sisters), but those of us who have been taken out of the world are to follow Jesus, the Son of God and mediator, living of His Word as oxygen, as headline, loving the whole Body, taking heed of what He says through whom He chooses. The enemy has always done everything to make believe that man choose what will happen and when, making the LORD God his assistant to provide for whatever man think he needs the most. Now, time is short, time to ask the Lord God if there is enough righteous to prevent attacks. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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