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Will You Post What I Say, or Will You Be Afraid? — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you as I read all the comments they touched my heart. We must all stay in tune with the Lord. Like Queen Esther how do we know that we are not called for such a time as this? God bless

  2. AMÉN, AMÉN, AMÉN, to the above GODLY WORDS TEACHING Message. SHALOM will come into Your Hearts..SELAH..!

    PS 41

    • @ ELIJAH ELISHA JIMS THANK you as I read all the comments they touched my heart. We must all stay in tune with the Lord. Like Queen Esther how do we know that we are not called for such a time as this? God bless

  3. Praise God! Fear has struck the land, hearts and tongues of many. True Holiness of Jesus Christ, the Salvation of the Lord is not compromisable, but yet this is what’s being done.True Repentance, the Kingdom of God is at hand, has been the message preached years ago, the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, the lost souls have always been the objective, True Repentance with a godly and sorrowful heart, turning away from those things that are not holy, that do not edify the Kingdom of God.

    Personally, I’ve taken it as a privilege, an honor to present Jesus Christ to lost souls, even when it’s not the popular belief, which many reject and will continue to reject, but there is only #1 One Way to heaven, which is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Many do not want their image to be frowned upon or seen as one who is in disagreement against unholiness, all sin and speaking true repentance of/from the heart, asking Jesus to forgive them, turning completely away from the life of practiced sin.

    Thank you, for sharing, beloved Sister in Jesus Christ our Lord! May the Lord continue to use you to help bring forth this very much needed truth, the Truth of God, the Infallible Word of God, not compromised or watered down with a chaser of false information, to suite the ears of those desiring to listen to anything, but the Word of God, they will take heed to.️❤️

  4. I have tested myself. Accuracy between Prophet Bernard Kibirige 1. and myself 2.
    1. VISION OF JORDAN’S KING PLOTTING WAR AGAINST ISRAEL. While in the Spirit, I saw the king of Jordan with his Commanders, make war plans against the Nation of Israel.
    INTERPRETATION. Elohim alerts Israel authorities of covert plans to wage war against Israel, by the king of Jordan. To execute his war plans, Jordan’s king is rallying for support from other Islamist Nations and groups, so as to creat a Joint Force of Arab Islamic Armies. The moves by the king of Jordan are not only a security threat to Israel, but also to the entire Middle East.PRAYER POINT. Pray that Elohim will scatter ALL the war schemes of Jordan’s king.
    2. Shared with Prophet Bernard, April 4, 2021
    The Lord showed me a woman’s head and her long, black hair was pulled back. Her hair was fashioned into a bun and there was a (metal?) band between the bun and her head. The band was squeezing her hair. The word “trickery” came to me.
    Interpretation: The woman represents the United Nations. The bun represents Israel. There is / will be a plot in the UN to ‘cutoff’ Israel. A conglomeration of nations will try to deceive the UN into isolating Israel. This conglomeration will attempt to ‘choke’ the glory (hair) of Israel. Prayer: Pray that this plot will fail. In addition, I pray that more nations will relocate their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    Here is the drawing,
    Priscilla Van Sutphin
    Babu PC Missionary
    Agreed. Praying

  5. So live in fear of not being good enough and judge others so they feel the same way. Sorry but that is not God’s heart. You are loved unconditionally and as far as your mistakes they were taken care of on the cross over 2000 years ago. We all make mistakes but trust that God knows your heart.

    • The message is not about past mistakes. It is about defiantly continuing to practice sinful acts. Many here in America do not believe sin is sin. They glorify sinful acts and attitudes.

      • You are so right! Sin is sin and we can’t continue in sin so grace can abound.
        America is surely not exempt from needing to live righteous! Thank you and God bless.

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