Will YOU Walk On By?


Constantly, day and night, he was among the tombs and the mountains; crying out, and gashing himself with stones.  I think that one problem many people have, is that they have never been through some things.

Too often, there is likely no real compassion, if you haven’t been there yourself.  Throughout the years, many have been overheard saying,  “Oh I would never do that or I would never get in that kind of shape.”  Tomorrow, is uncertain.

As I attempted to process this message today, I felt true conviction; a regret that I could have responded differently, and I didn’t.

It’s not so long ago that I noted a woman standing at a busy intersection.  She was ranting and railing about something.  Obviously she was likely borderline insane, extremely mentally ill, or demon possessed, or both.  There was a tug at my heart, a moving from long ago that arose within my spirit.  It was, that I could touch her, and heal her.

Since childhood, most of us were told of how we should be careful and alert among all people.  We could be in the presence of angels and not realize it!

The idea that angels could appear as humans, even talk like them, was not strange to us.  Throughout the Old and New Testaments, these supernatural beings most certainly did appear in such a manner.  It likely wouldn’t do to insert that angels of darkness can also operate in such ways also.  That’s “ole school.”

Because of the particular doctrinal concept I was to understand, I had some trouble about something.  Before the Spirit was poured out in that Upper Room, Jesus gave power to His disciples.  They went about healing, and casting out demonic spirits.

Relieving those who were oppressed or possessed in such a manner was something that was common in His ministry.  Everywhere He went, He was delivering those who needed help so badly.  Special note was given to those who were called, “lunatic.”  The forgotten souls.

The mind can be damaged; just as the human spirit can.  We might drive out the darkness, but there still must be healing; body, mind and spirit.

A doctor might repair broken bones, putting them back together again; but, they still have to be healed.  Without the proper care, injuries will not heal and they will likely never be mended as they should have been.

When demons have lived inside someone, a lot of damage is done.  Jesus healed all of these completely.  We said we were given the same power; if so, have we really used it.

I’m not so sure that some of us realized, that it was the responsibility of the Body, to administer healing to one another.  Not everyone who is reborn in the Spirit, is instantly and completely whole.

Just as all babies need special care, love and attention, so do most of those who are newly born into the Kingdom of God.  If one has some weaknesses, or bad habits, they may not go away all at once.  They don’t need someone specializing in finding fault.  Or waiting anxiously for them to make a misstep, to report a broken rule.

Lately, I’ve had the feeling that some people who looked lost, sick, poor or in some kind of distress, were not who they appeared to be.  Was this presence placed in front of us, to see how we might react?

Jesus said, ‘I was in prison, but you never visited me.  I was sick, but you never administered healing to me…..’

Today I was reminded of an old song sung by one of our special ladies;  “You never mentioned Jesus to me, you helped me not the light to see, though you met me day by day, and you knew I was astray, you never mentioned Jesus to me.”

God give me strength, not to just walk on by today.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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