Keep Running the Race into Full Destiny!

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The Spirit of Freedom!

I see the explosive power of the Spirit of Freedom breaking off heavy yokes of oppression and depression in this hour!

I see ceilings of confinement and restriction being shattered and broken to pieces!

I see the power of the praise and worship breaking down walls of division and disunity!

I see an unstoppable river of healing and restoration now flowing forth, those who have been deeply impacted and influenced by the spirits of infirmity, sickness, intimidation and control are now being lifted and shifted into a new place of promise and Kingdom purpose.

I see cycles of barrenness and brokenness breaking.  The winds of restitution are now blowing forth releasing blessing.  I hear the sound of new life being birthed.

I see the hand of God moving swiftly to remove satan’s noose that has been around the necks of His sons and daughters.  There is a battle cry for freedom and victory.

I see the glory of heaven moving upon earth, strategic alignment is taking place over the nations.

I decree and declare:  It is time to take back ground and occupy new territory.

It is time to pursue, overtake and recover all.

Keep Running the Race to Fulfill Your Destiny!

I see a running track.  The race is in full flow and the finish line not to far in the distance.

Some are running at full sprint very determined and undeterred in their focus and pursuit to finish well and finish strong.

I see others who are also running in the same race, but they keep looking at others and I see that very quickly, they loose their focus and their momentum.  Quickly they become discouraged, strength is depleted and hope is lost.

The enemy of “Comparison” brings “Distraction” that soon sees many disqualified from the race to fulfill destiny.

Listen!  Stay in your lane.  Stay focused.  Stay true to running your own race!

I decree:   You are winning, winning, winning!

I hear father say, “Don’t quit.  Don’t give up.  Don’t look back.  Don’t look to the right or to the left.

My child, the race is not the swift, or the battle to the strong.  For I have given you the Spirit of the over comer and a spirit of excellence and I have anointed your head with the oil of the finishers anointing.Even in this hour, I AM increasing and empowering and enlarging the seed of your faith.

My Spirit of Might and Power is enabling you to remain strong, steadfast, focused and fixed on the race that is set before you.

You will finish faithful and victorious,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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