Witches in the Pews — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for the word of confirmation daughter of Zion! It is a privilege and honor to receive these awesome and divine words of encouragement.God knows our thoughts better than us. Lod I receive these powerful words in the name of Jesus. He is a consuming fire and a jealous God. Oh! He touched me something wonderful happen. I will pray and fast as you have asked us to do so my beloved prophet. I am so stirred in my spirit! May the spirit of the Lord dwell upon you! We need more of Him! Keep on blessing us saint of God! There is power in the name of Jesus! God’s love never fail! God bless you! AMEN

  2. I give thanks for you and continue to pray in Jesus name the Lord’s people be filled with His love and see He died for us all. And that His love be complete in us and it overflow into those in need. Praise Our Lord for his marvelous love. May The Lord continue to encourage you and give you strength to refresh His people with His word.

    • I am in agreement that those that practice witchcraft will be judged and it saddens me that they can’t see how precious our Lord’s blood is that he would shed it for the whole world, knowing before hand that He would be betrayed by those who practice such things. I give God glory that Christ is Lord! And all that do evil in dark places will be exposed by the light of Christ. In Him his people have victory! Praise Jesus! Those whom Christ has chosen will shine!

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