MY Word is like a Surgeon’s Knife — 2 Comments

  1. I am praying that we recognize the real truth is that Christ loved us first. It saddens me that we can’t see that “He that knew no sin” died for us all . He was and is still willing to offer forgiveness to all people.  I am puzzled that we still turn around like the man in the parable Jesus gave and demand our brothers and sisters pay back what we can’t ourselves repay, but yet recieved mercy from Our Lord who knew no sin when we were powerless to save ourselves. And we discourage anyone who tries to comfort those who are down and say they are not sent from The Lord! Isn’t the Holy Spirit a comforter? The bible is full of Instances if where our Lord comforts his people! It isn’t a foreign concept and it isn’t wrong to comfort those who are in need! It isn’t wrong to point people to Christ instead of themselves who are stuck and unhappy and unable to free themselves!

    Please brothers and sisters, we have all fallen short of God’s glorious standard and needed Him Our Lord Jesus to impart mercy on us by shedding His own blood to forgive our sins and set us free! I am in agreement that those that practice witchcraft will be judged and it saddens me that they can’t see how precious our Lord’s blood is that he would shed it for the whole world, knowing before hand that He would be betrayed by those who practice such things. He died FOR US ALL! Please see how serious it is to seek him and recieve His truth in our hearts! He is the Ark of safety meant to protect those who trust in His power from the fiery judgement, and desires no one to perish! It’s a terrible fate to fall into judgement let us not rejoice in that happening to anyone but diligently lift up the name of Jesus until the very end and share how one should be saved! Let’s us not lose focus that if Christ be lifted up He will draw all me unto him! Let us not accuse each other over who is right or wrong! Please my brothers and sisters lets us witness that Christ Saves! Not a man or a prophet! Let us not congratulate each other for giving a good word that The Lord gives to us to share as obedient children but give thanks to The Lord for each other and the gifts he gives to do His work! But let us encourage each other in the love of Our Lord because we know the Lord’s people are dear to him and he wants us to walk in love and treat them as members of our own flesh which we are! But be mindful and humbled that He is our source and He must recieve all the Glory and Praise for without Him we are all nothing!!
    I pray that for you all, that believe and have gotten discouraged Be of good courage, the Lord’s love never fails. Praise Jesus Our Lord! He will not forget you. The Lord remembers you. I give him praise.

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