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Woe to the “Judges” who issue Unrighteousness — 1 Comment

  1. Is this warning only about the same-sex marriage agenda? I don’t endorse that agenda, but their have been way too many cases of people being released from prison for crimes they didn’t commit (which have been proven they didn’t commit), having spent over 10+, 20+, 30+ years in prison. This country imprisons, punishes, criminalizes, kills, & demonizes a certain group of people, while allowing others to go free from their crimes.  This country must be held accountable for enslaving a group of people as chattel & calling them 3/5 of a human being…..I can go on, but America must reap what it has sown on its people & throughout the world.  Yes, judgement must come upon all of the evil law enforcement in this country.

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