A Word for America Concerning George Soros — 18 Comments

  1. Decree! Your hand is now moving to uproot and pull down these demonic structures and strongholds that have influenced the hearts of the people and blinded their eyes to the light and the truth of your word and your will for this great nation of America

  2. I Decree! Your fist Almighty God will now come down to destroy and dismantle the legacy of this man they call George Soros!

  3. I’ve heard about Soros for a few years now, and I believe only our Creator knows what will happen to him.  If he isn’t already dead, then he likely will never be saved.  We all should pray for him and let the Father take care of Soros in His infinite wisdom.

  4. God changed Saul to Paul.  God can change Soros to a lover of God.  We need to pray for God to deliver Soros from evil.  If that were done, George could be an amazing weapon in God’s arsenal.

  5. Had a dream about a month ago – long story short the Lord showed me Soros – and when I awoke, I looked up meaning of his name.  “next in line, designated successor and will soar”.  In the context of the dream – I sensed a need to pray that his wealth – the wealth of the wicked would be transferred to the righteous!

  6. Canada is now in the grips of this octopus Soros as our prime minister Justin Trudeau has now become his latest lapdog.

  7. Veronika, I read your posting regarding Soros the other day & I just came across this article so I am sending it on.  As it starts, it is unconfirmed. 
    Unconfirmed Rumor: Soros is Dead!
    Sunday, November 20, 2016 10:51
    (Before It’s News)
    from Jim Stone Freelance… Might be real, might be fake news.  You decide for yourself.  Remember, as long as no fraud is involved, it’s completely legal to fake your own death.
    Quoted from Jim Stone:
    Snopes is calling it B.S. but Snopes has been caught in so many confirmed lies we all know what that is worth. Fulford was one of the latest to post on this, and he said an intelligence contact in the U.S. said it is real, and that it was an assassination. In my opinion, with topics like this, Fulford has a higher credibility than snopes.

    Fulford does not like to be blatantly wrong on stuff like this, let’s hope this has a thread of truth.
    At any rate, people need to know about this rumor, and to be skeptical but hopeful.
    Marybeth Wallick 11/20/16 11:00PM EST

  8. Remember that Soros is also a Jew and that God loves His people. Pray for him because God loves him and sent His son to die for Soros’ salvation.

  9. Wow Prophet! The Lord have given me that last name “Soros” but I was trayingto remember where I heard it.Thanks for sharing this important revelation. Now I know what to intercede for.

  10. I have been watching George Soros for several years in horror as he invested millions of dollars to create unrest in many nations and to gain control of governments.  The riots before and after the US election are comprised of paid rioters from G. Soros. 

    Thank you God for dealing with this beast.

    • Yes, willing and ready to stand and receive all 7 spirits of the Most High and Holy God for the takedown of all demonic forces in the USA. Time to DECLARE The Kingdom of God reigns!

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