A Word from The LORD for 2016 — 3 Comments

  1. “Guided missiles on the launch pad are you”

    Hello Joyce and thank you for sharing this.
    Perhaps the short vision God gave me about two-three years ago confirms what you received.

    “An arrow shaped plate came down from above and was standing before my eyes. It was hanging in the air but swayed as it was on water. On it, in perfect rows where arrow shaped figures which I understood was God’s people. Every one, except 2-3 on one side was sitting in perfect height and distance from each other.
    I understood that this was the Lord’s weapon which He shall fire off in that moment all His people has, in obedience, taken there right position.
    The reason it ‘swayed’ was only because He was waiting for those who was not in right position which made the arrow unstable.”

    I have prayed since then that every one shall come into their perfect position (perfect obedience) in the Body of Christ.

  2. I believe this, I receive this!  I am sensing the launch pad effect, hard but BLESSED and others; BUT, Isaiah 54:17 prevails! All to the Glory of God!

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