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Would You Walk on Dry Ground? — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing with us, Yvonne. Also the beautiful painting of what you saw!

    You know I kept being drawn back here to read your article but was hindered.

    I understand the part about the Church on the ground, etc…

    Wondering and praying why 4 arches? Want to keep reading and soaking what is here. Again thank you.

    • Oh I see as rereading,”The four arches represent Dalet in the Hebrew language as open doors, for provision to rebuild the ancient ruins. (Isaiah 58).”

      Still believe there is much more here to see with that ‘4’.

        • Yvonne, yes! In my journal I had written a vision on Jan 8 and drew a picture.

          I had forgotten it till this morning.. It was of ‘4 emerald colored prism bars’.

          I didn’t have a clue what a prism bar even was till I looked it up.
          I still don’t know how it fits with your four arches ?? (just praying about)

          Also maybe 3 years ago I so that very same aqueduct with water everywhere. In mine people’s jewelry was in the water floating off, etc.

          Would have to look it up as to the whole thing. Thank you much for reading and will search this out more. Till Lord releases me I woukd like keep readingvyour article and dig with you.
          Hugs love & prayers, Joyce

          • All I can think on is that prisms refract light- change the direction. The light goes in one way but comes out another direction. We know Jesus is the light and a prism does an unexpected thing with the light.

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