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You Are Clothed in The LORD’s Brilliance — 3 Comments

  1. Oh so good Father, thank You!!
    Thank you beautiful lady for sharing this incredible Word from the Father’s Heart of Love!!
    Last week at my brother’s, he put in the movie Captain Marvel. I was so Holy Spirit inspired I downloaded it!!:D
    This Word reminds me of the part where she’s with the supreme intelligence (discourager) who shows her how many times she’s fallen and calls her “only human.” But as she continues to watch, she sees herself rising after every fall and comes into the reality of who she really is, at which point she’s consumed from the center-out with Light and Power!! This is where she becomes UNSTOPPABLE!! She no longer fights with the adversary, who pretended to be her friend, she (with her Power Hands) just knocks him into next week!!
    He’s bringing us into the Reality of the Center-out Reflection of His Image. Revealing to us the position we’re already in in His Son, Shining forth from the inside-out with the Brilliance of the Sonshine…OH HE IS JUST SOO GOOD!! Who can compare? We are ALREADY positioned above every power and principality inside of the One Who has ALL Power and Authority, at the Right Hand of The Father of ALL, infused with the Power of His Glorious Life, His Holy Spirit…HALLELUJAH!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL DEBORAH! What a GLORIOUS word from the LORD. His brilliance is His glory. His glory is His brilliant light. Thanks so much for being His scribe to send this wonderful encouragement! Much love, Sandi Holman

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