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You Are in the Midst of Change — 7 Comments

  1. A new Ranking, new Anointing, for a new Season.
    I felt it, smelt it & saw it & wondered what it was but as the day went by I was absolutely fired up with the changes that had to happen.
    All these little foxes got stepped on & now under my feet.
    I knew it was Papa by the end day, we are living in the

  2. Oh thank you Lord! Yes I’m ready. I Praise You for purifying my children with me. Oh what a gift!! I’m a bit beat up on the outside but the inside has come forth as pure gold! I’m so humbled by Your desire to dwell on me. I never imagined I would be chosen for anything. I’m so grateful for the last 3 years of refining, no matter how painful. I can’t wait to see promises come to pass. I know You will do it.

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