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You are NEVER, Ever Alone — 3 Comments

  1. Hallelujah!!!  Hallelujah!!!  He alone is my ALWAYS … He is my EVERYTHING … He is my ALL in all!  He is Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of Almighty God; in fact, He IS God!  And I love Him so; with ALL my heart, and my soul, and my mind, and strength!  Hallelujah!

  2. Who saw a clay pot boldly speaking to the clay potter (with awe) claiming for more waters to soften, repair and clean, and more fire to bake (cure) and strengthen itself, and for the other pots in the shelf?
    It’s not a miracle of the wind and the flame of the father’s love?

    The creation is claiming for the creator!

    The clay pots are shaking in the shelf, desiring to be useful. Is not a honor to serv, and even get a smile of the clay potter, when he is fitting the eyes on his creation, in admiration of the work his hands? Who could ever imaginate and fulfill that? Is not all masterpieces? The only one, YAUH (YHWH), the redeemer of Ysral, is the only capable of that!

  3. Father, who am i that deserves your precious and attention heart? How dare a small and imperfect being like me be so close to you, that be the holy and great creator of all things, to matter about?
    Oh father, i just desire to touch you, so maybe all your holy love transpasses all my hole body, soul, and spirit, and live in my heart. So, and only, my loneliness hearth, that cry for your presence, your holy love, be lit in all the fullness, to be a fulgurous warm fire that heat all heart that you put close to me (to do your work through me). And through your word, every hard substance, and ashes that cover the hearts (and spirits), be consumed with your blaze fire, and like a firestorm, candle all the dark forest that is the ordinary man, that ones what ignore all your wisdom of love (because their prideful hearts are fulfilled with nothing more that theirs whortless arrogance), to see how dark is the inner man’s house, and so, open the doors and windows for your light, heat, and incense offer permeate ever corner on that being.

    Let me be your blazing fire, because no one can know what is the fullness of life that without know your pure love (for us), because my spirit claim that can’t rest in the fullness of your peace when see a life that is not complete with you (knowing you); my spirit will not settle down without see your perfect kingdom, your fullness of life, with abundance of love (that true love what care about another life more than the our own life — and even the life of our only and most precious son), health, and happiness of live together like a great family.

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