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You Are Not a Nobody — You Are a Somebody in Jesus — 5 Comments

  1. Soo True!!
    How exciting!!! He’s unplugging us from the “dream world” and plugging us into the Righteous Real!!! Releasing the Kingdom God and the Heart of the Love of the Father through us and into His Beloved Creation!! AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!!!
    I’ve never been able to receive His Love before, shame has covered me as a slimy thick blanket since I was just a little tot!!
    But not anymore!!
    His People will NEVER be shamed again, and we will know He is God over us ALL!!! His people will NEVER be shamed again!!! This is very very Good News!!!!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Deborah!! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas and Holiday Season, I am just SOO grateful for you!! :D

  2. Thank you, Holy Spirit! …for Your Word has gone forth out of our mouths and shall not return empty, but shall accomplish Your very own pleasure and prosper where you have sent it!…

    I receive this word, in the Name of Jesus!

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