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You are The LORD’s Hawk-Eyed Raptors of the Last Days! — 5 Comments

  1. Wow!! So my Dad is a retired trucker, and back in the day they all had names, or “handles” they would call themselves on the CB radio…my Dad’s handle was Hawkeye!! :D:D
    His favorite show back then was Mash, and Hawkeye Pierce was his all-time fave’.
    It’s been so incredibly hard here lately Deborah. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! More than you could possibly know!! God bless your beautiful beautiful heart!! :)

  2. And we see the demons flee ! Exactly this happened yesterday at a local bus station. A man with big headphones on was sitting there on a bank, and when he saw me, he started screaming, an erie squeaky voice, his arm started twitching, he stood up an ran ! While running, he was making terrible noises like a pig. Waiting with many others for the bus, I was hoping he doesn’t step into the same bus. But he had to… there he offended an obviously very weary, tired and quiet foreigner, that his country would pay his bus ticket. Then a child started crying, and the man fled to the bus door, again screaming like a possessed man. I know, I could have commanded the devil out of him, but so many locals were in the full articulated bus. GOD willing, next time I will be more bold.

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