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You Will Be Thrust Into a Whirlwind — 4 Comments

  1. We are in the beginning of sorrows to a LEVEL it will heighten it will become evermore worsened. I AGREE our ONLY HOPE is in our Savior. I agree with M.j Murray…God helped, arranged and save Noah when GOD gave him the vision to built the ark _creatures and his FAMILY protected and survive. AND Joseph from a slave, prisoner to a high rank government official, he save his people with food and water during a seven year famine. Yes, he prepared ahead of time. He saved 3 Hebrew boys refusing to worship a false GOD and Prophet Daniel from the lion’s den after wrongfully set up from his enemies and it backfired. AND Esther fasted 3 days with her people to save them knowing GOD EXPOSE Haman’s murderous plot to kill her people. The LORD save HIS warriors in the OT and NT in the 21 century GOD will protect and save the faithful and committed ones. AMEN☝☝☝⌚⏰⌚⏰

  2. Not doing anything from fear. I have complete trust in the Lord Jesus! But, having extra food and supplies is prudent. And yes there will be miracles!

  3. I do agree with this word, though many are speaking peace and safety! We see it just like you are saying. But not to have any food, or anything is not all that wise. God will keep His own and there will be miracles! But Noah did build an ark and Joseph was saved to bring food to a people who had no food? So it’s not a lack of faith to gather some things. Its prudent!

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