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America: A Divine Exchange and Divine Reversals Begin — 9 Comments

  1. When I saw “The thief has been caught and must pay back seven times” the spirit came on me and said Trump will get those seven years. My heart jumped for joy

  2. Today is Hillary Clinton’s birthday. How approperate this word is on her birthday! God planned this, “God is not mocked.”
    Blessed be the name of God Jehovah!

  3. Amy Coney Barrett is the elephant in the room…Her Seating in the Supreme Court will mark the first time in generations that God and the Constitution has a crack at being integrated back …not only in America …but by extension the whole world…your timing on this call is perfect dear sister…Blessings!!! 10/26/2020.

  4. Yes, Lord God! We believe, receive, claim and accept in Yeshua’s Holy Name!
    Amen! God Bless you Prophetessin Jesus Holy Name!

  5. The “today” that “marks the moment of great change” is, of course, the day that the US Senate confirmed the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, which amounts to the US corporately choosing a path of life over death. 

    Despite this victory, we continue to pray for the US, and particularly that satanic plans to unleash violence, destruction and chaos at this time – and especially just after the election – will be restricted!

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