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You Will Possess Your Promised Land! — 4 Comments

  1. I really like Zsolt. 18 .. When I pick up my “weapons”, I always add these verbs, which are very strong …
    my arms bend even the vein … you teach my hand to fight, my fingers to fight .. (.He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.)
    I will also run through a battle camp veled, I will jump over a high stone wall,….
    you make my feet like deer, and set me up in my high places … widen the ground under my feet; my feet shall not waver ..
    Thou hast given thee a shield of thy salvation; thy goodness hath established me, and exalted me. You are a shield to all who trust you..
    You girded me with strength to fight, you cursed the insurgents against me.
    (For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle:
    thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me.)
    You girded me with strength and you make my journey perfect …
    Thou shalt light my lantern, and thou, O Lord GOD, will lighten my darkness.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, just to confirm, – many times I remember lately –
    I also jump over a that high stone wall (I’m 72 in body and soul: 27) :D)))

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