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  1. Absolutely..sing and dance sing and dance I am the temple sing and dance I am the temple. My I have this dance? So beautiful and glorious. Thank you for always stirring our hearts to rejoice my sweet friend. Happy Jesus Birthday celebration! xoxo Sandi

    • Shelley, you are so precious to the LORD. HE LOVES YOU DEARLY & counts you as FAITHFUL & TRUE to HIM.  HE sees your devotion & love for HIM. GOD BLESS YOU in all you do for HIM. 

      Blessings, Bev

      • ahh…a Holy hush …dear Beverley….
        The whispers of His heart…SOO precious…
        Sending deep heart hugs to you
        Beloved one…

        and…The SONG He gave you!!!!
        I want to hear the TUNE…and sing it back to Him!

        I awoke this morning with a GREAT sense of PRAISE!
        And your song was such a glorious “continuation”…
        just SOOO made my spirit LEAP!!!

        Prophetically calling it forth!!!

        Many blessing precious one!!

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