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You Would Be Wise to Prepare for the Days Ahead — 3 Comments

  1. I have gone back and forth over this Preparation thing. I believe we should take the path of wisdom and store up about two months of necessities and by necessities I mean that-have a source of food and water and whatever medicines and two changes of clothes and not much else! People should be thinking what they ABSOLUTELY need and ways to go around toilet paper and all that and if they can’t store anything then not to worry because God will provide. We should all FOCUS ON THE LORD. This is what this prophet is saying. Times are coming, even if in 500 years when all the food you saved up will be useless but if you have a relationship with the LORD, HE will give you refuge. Don’t you recall when he fed the people in the desert and their clothing didn’t wear out and ravens brought the prophet food and the widow’s oil was multiplied? The Lord can do that and more if you trust in HIM and not the world’s goods. If God tells you to buy extra, then buy but don’t waste all your money buying 200 rolls of toilet paper and then you can’t pay bills!

  2. Oh Lord, help us to Heed YOUR Warnings-We cancel ALL the Plans of the enemy & Let us not be caught Unprepared or Off-guard! Father give us a Heart of Repentance. Lord We need your Mercy and Grace & Make your Face to Shine upon us and Upon This Nation! Oh God, LET THERE BE LIGHT & LET GOD ARISE- ALL HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED! I Plead the Blood of Jesus against the enemy!

  3. I believe what you are saying is true! We as a nation will be invaded. We see the writing on the wall. But, to have some food, water and other things is not wrong or sinful! Actually because I walk by faith, doesn’t mean i lose my common sense? Being prudent for what’s coming is wisdom. We will have to trust the Lord for much in that time, and having some things is just smart!

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