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  1. Thank you, Sr Lynne, you have a tough job to present the Truth of The Word.
    Sad to say but those who don’t love the Truth are given a deceiving spirit so they will believe the lie and be lost. (Ref. pls read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 in the Bible).
    God does not play games.
    We always pray for a love for Truth for our loved ones.
    But they must choose.

  2. Referencing Staci’s comment above, I also would like to know if you are saying that people who have taken the vaccine/mRNA shots are now unredeemable and going to hell? This was asked on a prior prophecy and I never read where it was answered. Thank you.

    • I would like to know Lynne Johnson’s answer : is she saying that anyone who has taken the vaccine is lost?  So many things she’s said are confusing to me. How do we get an answer?  Other prophets I trust are not saying this.

      • All the Prophets that I follow are saying much the same thing.
        The Lord gave many strong warnings for over a year before the Vax started.
        Much Prayer went forth from many of us for our Families etc.
        Our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit. We are supposed to Pray about what goes into our bodies. But many people only want to do their own thing.

        Still we are asking the Lord to “Please forgive those Family Members who took the Vax and please don’t let the Vax harm their DNA.” –

        It is a sad thing for those who do not love the Truth.
        The Bible has strong Words for them. (Ref. pls read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11).
        Our Lord does not play games – as we all should by now realize.

  3. The frequency of Heaven can not be stopped. Any and all atmospheres must submit to the Lord ship of Jesus Christ Who is the Name above every name. Gods Word will not return to Him void but accomplish all it is sent out to do, Gods angels harken unto His Word to perform it. God spoke all into existence and all is in subjection to His dominion and authority which is above all. He alone is GOD. The Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the end. In the Name of Jesus Christ i command any strangers voices to be silenced. JESUS is Lynnes Shepherd, she is His sheep, she knows His voice and follows it, she will not follow the voice of a stranger. To God alone be the glory for using this vessel of light to speak His Words in this hour.

  4. In the Name of Jesus Christ Who came to earth as a man in the flesh, i come against the spirit of fear and confusion on this portal and declare that God has not given people a spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind. Any witch craft or works of darkness coming against any true prophets of God need to cease and desist… you are now null and void. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ specifically over Lynne and her family and declare that no weapon formed against her will prosper and any tongue that rises up against her in judgement shall be condemned, for this is her heritage in the Lord Jesus Christ. I level all principalities, strongholds and dominions and powers of darkness in heavenly places by the finished work of the cross and remind you that God commanded you to crawl on your belly and lick the dust. We have been given all authority over the power of the enemy to stomp on serpents and scorpions to tread upon the lion and the cobra and nothing shall by any means harm us. I call forth fire from heaven to burn up anything not of the Lord Jesus Christ trying to infiltrate the airways and byways, in every dimension.

  5. If you have learned to walk in (perfect) obedience, carefully hearing and understanding the voice of the Father, then you should know that He would not refer to a movie, book or “video” or “person”, God is never “name dropping”, such things belongs to the lower spiritual realm.

    I’ll repeat that the “AI” technology can take over even true prophets social media account and spread twisted words. That is why the Lord says that you cannot seek any counsel in any other place, no matter how”true” it seems to be, than from Him alone.

  6. So,to be clear, Lynne, you’re saying that people who have taken the vaccine/mRNA shots are now unredeemable and going to hell? Please clarify for us. Thank you!

    • I am wondering this also. It was asked on another of her prophecies but I never saw it answered. And I wonder also about the vaccines that were given to children because it was the parent’s that forced, in most cases, them to take it.

    • Hi Staci,

      The words that I give you are the Lords’, they are His words not mine.  King Yeshua has stated many times through many prophets the dangers of the vaccines. Please go to 444 Prophecy news site as they have many words on this from many other prophets.

      They, the vaccines, are designed to alter your Human DNA, thereby making you a hybrid, not fully human.  The Lord has told me many times that He did not die on the cross for anyone who is not fully human.  It is like the giants of old who came from the fallen ones who had children by human women.  MY heart is heavy over this as well, as I have family members who have taken the vaccine.  I will give you some video links to medical evidence that is out there now regarding the nano bot technology – the Hydra Vulgaris that is in the vaccines. This is confirmation of what the Lord has been saying for months.You need to go directly to the Lord on this subject.  It is a very personal area for all of us.

      I Recommend that you look at the first link.  Dr. Carrie Madej is a Christian and she is now also a speaker in this area of the vaccines.



      Blessings to you and yours


      • Thanks, Lynne, for the links and the reply. I checked out that website, 444 Prophecy, and even there the prophetic voices are saying different things. For example per people who got the vaccine the prophetic voice ANNO.DOMINI.144K said that the Holy Spirit told them that people who took the vaccines can be prayed for and fully healed and souls restored :

        “Pray for all who have fallen for the deception, the young and the old, and command full healing and restoration of their bodies and souls in Jesus’s mighty name. Amen!”.

        So it seems that not all who are on that website are hearing the same messages from the Holy Sprit. And so WHO are we supposed to believe when so many are just reporting what the Holy Spirit told them? Apparently the Holy Spirit is telling some that they can be saved from the vaccines, meaning that they can still go to heaven if they stop getting the shots now, and some, like you, are saying getting the shots are the mark and there’s no going back so they are doomed to hell.

        My Christian mother, the one who raised me in the Christian faith and taught me almost all I know about spiritual warfare and prayer, etc. took the shots. So I guess she’s going to hell? Or not?

        Second half reply in next post

        • Both sides have such convincing arguements, that taking the shots are dooming the person to hell argument and the other the “this is just a precursor to the mark so stop taking them now” argument and both camps are saying “thus sayeth the Lord”.  Both camps cannot be right.  So which is it?

          This is frustrating as all get out. I am afraid for my family and if they are doomed then there is no point in praying for them. As someone I read put it “let the dead bury the dead”.  This scares me. 

          Maybe these prophets who are hearing two different messages from the Holy Spirit should come together and seek the Lord together and then address their readerships. And then perhaps then those that are not hearing from the Lord clearly, or at all, can be corrected so that what God is saying can be passed on CLEARLY instead of all these different messages? It’s very confusing as a reader to know what to believe.

          This is a life for death, spiritually, situation so hopefully you can understand and be sympathetic to my alarm and grief.

  7. Thank you dear Lynne . God is merciful & that’s why HE is drumming these warnings to us but many push it aside just like Prophet Noah’ town cries(warnings) before the heavy destructive flood. It does not cost anything to pray to God for Mercy, healing & wisdom from above. Father, touch our hearts to obey you & be saved from this satanic deceptions in Jesus name.

  8. sister Lynne (your name means waterfall! Glory to God)

    The scripture confirmation i keep getting for you and this message is this…
    Galatians 1:10-12
    The Passion Translation
    10 I’m obviously not trying to flatter you or water down my message to be popular with men, but my supreme passion is to please God. For if all I attempt to do is please people, I would fail to be a true servant of Christ.

    Also God asked me to share a link with you of art He made through me a few years ago to encourage you, please feel free to use any as your own. God has taught me never to charge money for the things of God lest He flip a table over in my soul…. be blessed they are each a portal into His Kingdom. He had me name them Kingdom unveiling and Kingdom protocols and there is about 1000!

    I have been sent to have the Holy Spirit encourage you today through me and His art. God Bless and Shalom!


    • Autumn,

      Thank you for the scripture confirmation and the lovely pictures of encouragement.

      So lovely, thank you again!

      Blessings Autumn


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