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Your Harvest is Being Multiplied! — 1 Comment

  1. I was so excited when i read this early this morning. I immediately knew it was for me as 3 things spoken here has been my experience as well as word from the Lord a few hours before reading this and a dream some time ago brought back to my memory.
    I just wept with joy at His great love, keeping me alive when i did not want to stay because of my broken heart and physical pain and then the great shock of what happened.

    Not understanding and at a loss of word. And yet i knew He was my Father. And when He asked me ‘what if i told you i orchestrated it’ i had wait quitely for His healing to come. And i sang in a dream again ‘it is well with my soul’ standing next to my Father.

    And i am understanding so much more than i would have if i did not go to this place of sorrow and mourning. The pain and suffering around me.
    His love truly is life. The source of all His precious creation.
    Thank you Father!

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