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Your Money During the Rapture — 5 Comments

    ‘The Rapture’ first appeared on the English scene back in the 1740’s through a book by Morgan Edwards (1722-1795). He came to the USA in 1762 and it was in 1788 that he published another book in the States. Following Morgan Edwards this teaching was resurrected by Emanuel Lacunza around 1812 and again brought to the fore through J.N. Darby who used the details of a vision that Margaret McDonald had in 1829 in Port Glasgow, Scotland.

    Lordship Ministries
    The organized church is still listening to the serpent on many of the doctrines she adheres to, and this ”rapture” theory is just one of the many. (AB)


    THE RAPTURE, what an intriguing subject! Scores of untold saints have wondered with great concern, “When will it happen? Will it be in my lifetime? Who of my loved ones will miss it and have to go through the tribulation, and then off to an eternal hell? Or will I myself miss it, and stand below watching the few lucky ones fly away into the clouds when the trumpet sounds?”
    There are so many professing Christians who have their hope set in the RAPTURE, it has become a tenant of faith through much of the church system. Some go as far as to say that you must believe in IT to be saved. Such a thought places their hope of salvation on and exterior event, rather than the indwelling Christ who died so they could be saved. In this study, there are three primary purposes in mind: (1) To bring to light some truths the reader has possibly never considered. (2) To confirm and clarify what the Spirit has already been speaking to many. And (3), to shake, to pull down, and destroy, as Jeremiah wrote, a few man-made doctrines that are preventing people from progressing in their quest for life. We then hope to plant and build up from there. If any or all of these are accomplished, then we will be satisfied.

  3. Praise God!This message registers with my spirit, through the Holy Spirit.
    I totally agree and understand everything you mentioned in this post and appreciate you sharing this Word as such a time as now. It makes so much sense as to continuing to store up and not to be able to use the finance for God’s true purpose.

    This message rings out to me in a mighty and special way. Thank you, for sharing.❤️️

  4. Precious brother, I come in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ with His signet ring stamp of approval on this Word from the Spirit of prophecy through you. This is timely. This is wisdom from God. This is holy.

    Maybe this is why we are to always live rapture ready for He comes as a thief in the night… that we may ALWAYS seek Gods wisdom on all matters of every aspect of life… how much more when the times and seasons line up.

    I touch and agree in the Name of Jesus Christ that the Father may be glorified.

    May God continue to use you as a pure well, uncontaminated… in these final months, days, hours, minutes….
    I glorify God for you and your gifts. I receive you as a prophet and a righteous man. In Jesus’s Name.

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