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Your Season of Jubilee! — 3 Comments

  1. Yes and amen Pastor Debra every word received into my heart and spirit in the name of Jesus. Thank you for serving our Lord. Good and faithful servant. God bless you. I am rejoicing BC I know my Jubilee is here now.amen.

  2. Awesome precious words spoken. Thank you for sharing these awesome words from the Father’s heart, for it is indeed a blessing to me, this day, as I lift my Father God, up in higher praises with thanksgiving, for surly he has done great things, and yes this is the jubliee year, to receive all and above for what he has promised in his words to be, a set time of Blessings, favor, and abundance forth coming in this season anticipated, with great expectations on the horizon, being made manifested coming forth in the life of his chosen vessels. Thank you Father, for the fulfillment of all you have spoken over the years and now into my heart. I praise your name on high. Glory to God, in the highest.

  3. I would like tp express my gratitude to you womann of god for the truth, precise and powerful prophetic words you are bringing in my life everyday. I thank god for you.  Continue to spread the gospel and alter destiny and change lives of people all over the word. God bless.

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