Your Time and Season! — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for your yielding to Him on our behalf ! I have been through much these last 26 years with non ending battles.  I am believing this word is for me because god said He will use all that I have been through for His glory . I am believing for a ministry to come to pass, with many lives saved , healed , restored , set free and delivered , providing food and homes . I wait with anticipation on my commander and Chief to give the green light to GO !

  2. This word right here is really on time for me. God is speaking directly to me. He is letting me know that everything is going to be alright according to His plan. Thanks Geraldine for your obedience and faithfulness to your calling. God speed!!!

  3. Thank you for this word of confirmation.  God is faithful. May God Bless You and shine his face upon you and be gracious to you in Jesus’ name.  Amen

  4. Thank you woman of GOD for this great confirmation!!!!!!!! Thank u and GOD bless u with all he has for you and yours in Jesus Name!!

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