2016: Anointing to do the impossible


I asked The Lord to show me more of what is coming for His people in 2016, and once again [in accordance with the Word He gave me for this year during the crossover night] He opened my eyes and ears in a trance vision, and I began to hear a mighty sound of many things rolling from a mountain.  But I still could not see what was causing the great noise.

Then He refined my vision and caused me to see clearly and my heart began to fill up with awe, for I saw what seemed like a large pathway cut out from the mountain, and a mighty harvest of corn-on-the-cob rolling down from it.  It was so large, and so loud.

At the base of the mountain, there were a few people who had gathered with their trucks and whoever wanted, carried as much as he could carry.  I could see trucks overflowing with collected harvest, ready for ‘sale’.  They were all very happy.

Now, you may remember that on the 1st of this year, I gave the summary of the prophetic Word for this year: that this is the year of great harvest.

“WHAT AN AWESOME YEAR GOD HAS BROUGHT US INTO!  Right after the delivering the Prophetic Word God gave me at the Crossover night, I went into a vision again and I saw an ANOINTING TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE IN 2016 being released!  This year, many will accomplish great feats!  Say it: I AM ONE OF THEM!”

Next, I saw that I was with a couple of young people who were standing by in the same vision.  I asked them this question: “Since you planted your seed in the last year, how much did you reap?”  As I asked them, I could also see other visions [within the vision] of the farms that they owned.  I could also see the kind of harvest they had received from the previous season.  Everyone had only obtained a meager harvest: it was ‘not enough’ based on what they had sowed and on their expectations.  They also looked very discouraged.

I then told them, “Why do you seek to have good entertainment while you do not yet have the kind of harvest necessary for that?  It is time to work!”   I then asked them to follow me, which they did.  I took them to the harvest storage chambers which they needed to use.

They were many but they were all totally empty, devoid of grain, like abandoned storehouses.  Moreover, they had relics of all sorts of animals inside every chamber.  There were mummified crocodiles, dogs, warthogs and many others.  These were what you could refer to as fierce animals, but they were all dead.

Prevalent in the vision were crocodiles, which seemed to be alive and very scary, but they were dead and only the shell of them remained.  These storehouses were also defiled everywhere.  I then said to them: “It is time to clean and clear out these storehouse chambers, for the harvest has been released and it needs to be brought in.”

I also brought them out to show them the great harvest.  I then came out of the trance vision.  Now, there are several things to be noted from this vision:

  1. God has already released the harvest, your harvest, and it is very great. You must raise your expectation that you will receive it at this time.

  2. The powers that devoured your harvest in the previous season have already been dealt with by God.  No longer shall they be able to consume what belongs to you.

The most prevalent, which was the crocodile [the leviathan spirit in reality] who is the custodian of stolen wealth in the kingdom of darkness [for see what this strong spirit did to job’s family and wealth] and how God restored him afterwards by giving him double of what he lost [for God also said to me at the end of last year that 2016 is the year of double blessings].

God has dealt with the proud spirits which have long kept you back from what belongs to you.  Now you shall have what is your portion.  You must raise your faith for this, for I assuredly testify to you that if you do not flow according to this word, you will see the plenty that is coming [like the rich man who leaned on the king during the famine of Samaria] but you will not taste it.

The Lord also gave me Joel 2:24-27.  Immediately after this vision. It says,

“The threshing floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil, “so I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust, my great army which I sent among you. You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of The Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you; and my people shall never be put to shame.  Then you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel: I am The Lord your God and there is no other. My people shall never be put to shame.”

  1. You need to get to work for in the Word which God gave me for 2016. [which I will release in full later on].  God also said to me that 2016 is the year of service.  It is the year to work like the ox.

God also gave me Proverbs 14:4 for this: “where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.”   Those who will choose to work for The Lord [as the ox] in 2016 will come into much harvest and much increase.

It is laziness, and lack of the right instruments that makes the crib clean.  In this year, God has released the grace to work without getting tired.  He has released the grace to go the extra mile.  Therefore, you must not be lazy but work hard to bring in the harvest.

The Lord Jesus also said, ‘the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few’.  This is the same thing which will apply to 2016.  For in the vision, I saw those who worked to collect the harvest, and they took too much to themselves, but others were standing by, still in lack.

Those who will choose to labor for The Lord [and for their destinies] in 2016 will also be the ones to bring in the harvest.

The Lord then took me to Haggai, and gave me chapter 2 and verses 4-9 for you: it says,

“But now be strong, Zerubbabel,’ declares the Lord. ‘Be strong, Joshua son of Jozadak, the high priest.  Be strong, all you people of the land,’ declares the Lord, ‘and work.  For I am with you,’ declares the Lord Almighty.  ‘This is what I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt.  And my Spirit remains among you.  Do not fear.’
This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth,the sea and the dry land.  I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the Lord Almighty.  ‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the Lord Almighty.  ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the Lord Almighty.”

It is not time to be discouraged and certainly not time to be afraid.  But it is time to work.

I declare to you:  in 2016, you will carry the humility, grace and strength of an ox to work.

I declare you will be able to work without getting tired; you will be able to go the extra mile, and you will be able to bring in the promised harvest.

I declare in 2016, what you lost in the previous years of your life, what the enemy devoured out of your life, and what never did receive as harvest in previous seasons will be released to you.

I declare in this 2016 you will be separated from the crowd; you will come into silver and gold, more than you can contain, and in the place where you were ashamed, you will now come into fame and greatness.

I declare your 2016 is covered and blessed; may the glory of God move you into the next dimension of your destiny in this year.

Ah, come on somebody, release your faith and receive this blessing, in Jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



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  1. I release my faith and receive the blessings! A promise made years ago and confirmed by others…. God will restore those years! 2016 is the Year! Thank you for your faithfulness! In Jesus name, Amen!


  3. I had similar word just this morning while praying as we have great need. Your word is a great blessing. Thank you Lord!! AMEN!

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