2016 – The year of the Double


Whatever you lost…..DOUBLE !!

Double vindication.  Double restoration, Double manifestation, even of your Peace.

Whatever was STOLEN….. DOUBLE! (John 10:10).  Last month, when I was ministering in Beltslville, Maryland, this was the last word that was spoken to me at the very End of the Greater works Conference….. DOUBLE, of what was lost or stolen.

I kept seeing double 8’s.  The number 8 represents New Beginnings.  Double New Beginnings.  Double for your shame.  So many of us have endured such hardship and warfare in this last year.  Many obeyed God but were still robbed.  Injustice, Injustice due unjust service.  Some did not obey what God commanded.  Though it seemed as if you toiled and toiled, served and served so diligently but did not see the Abundance of your labor, God is answering the cries of your heart.


God vindicated Jacob because He had been laboring and laboring for so long without being rewarded for His work.  I am seeing the story of Jacob and Laban so clearly as I write.  Laban took advantage of Jacob, and his willingness to serve, so God had to VINDICATE HIM personally.

Be Encouraged Beloved, for the Lord has seen your pain, seen your tears and for some the gross injustice that you experienced.  They did not keep their word.  The Lord wants Me to remind you that He is indeed a just God.  Though we do endure hardship and persecution in this walk, we serve a God who does not Sleep or Slumber! Some of this was used to make you stronger as you pressed your way to the other side and deeper into Him.

YET, even before this 2015 year passes, God is going to do some things in many of our lives, that will absolutely blow your mind.  He will show you that indeed, He is God.  Let Him lead you.  Let Him vindicate and elevate you all at the same time.  For Our God does not lie.  It is impossible for Him to lie.  He is absolutely JUST, and a sure rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

What will you do in the midst of your Climb?  What will you say to those mishandled you?  Give it to God.  Let them see who you are in Him.

Your double restoration will Speak for you in this New Year 2016 to set the course for your Higher purpose.  BELIEVE,  BELIEVE,  BELIEVE HIM FOR YOUR PORTION.

You have sown, now you must Reap.  For what man can reap a harvest they have not sown?  Continue to bless those who seek to curse you beloved, and pray for those who have despitefully used you in the midst of your climb.  For God has a way of shutting the mouths of your adversaries.  This He says, He will do as you decrease that He may increase through you.

This blessing, this Double for your shame, this 100 fold comes with persecution.  For it is written, (Mark 10:25-31).  God seeks to prepare and position you to handle, not only the elevation but the “hateration”.  Do not avenge yourself.  In this dispensation God wants you to Trust His Plan.

Let your adversaries salivate because after they see the Hand of Almighty God who will bring to you 100% of All that was stolen from you, all that was used to hinder your elevation.  Like Job, You shall be rewarded!  Job 42.

Like Esther you shall be vidicated in the face of your Haman!  Esther 8.  Like Jacob you shall be compensated for your labor!  Like David, God will deal with your Saul.  Like Ruth you shall be emancipated from your harsh struggle and rewarded for your sacrifice to serve!

DOUBLE, DOUBLE, DOUBLE, says the Lord as you go Higher in Me to set the captives Free, (Isaiah 61).

For I hear God saying,

“I the Lord, Love justice.  I Love Justice and hate robbery and usury.  I AM Just!  You My Chosen vessels have endured for My namesake.  You have not been forgotten.  You have not been denied, though you may seem to have been delayed.  I will redeem the time.  

AM I not the God who vindicates?  Shall you cry out to Me and I do not Speak?  Are you not My Bride. Double.  Double for your Shame.  

I will send aid to those in need through your Obedience and the hand of My abundant increase.  Those who have sat fat on their increase and have not released will now be so ashamed.  As I transfer the greater wealth into the hands of those who will obey Me.

I will not let you stumble.  I will not let you fall from My hand of Grace, for indeed the work ahead is Great.  The Power of Yeshua Hamashiach will be revealed and the Wealth of the Gentiles will be given into the hands of My righteous.  Is it not written? (Isaiah 60:1-5)

Did I not make it plain?  DOUBLE, DOUBLE, DOUBLE for all that the enemy has stolen from you.  Double what was long overdue.

7 TIMES OVER, 7 TIMES OVER.  For My word declares that when the thief is caught He must repay!  Seven times!  Seven times what was stolen.  Allow me to arrest your thieves, in this hour, and anesthesize your pain, Healing you from the inside out as I restore your Harvest.  You have endured much on the battlefield for My Glory, and I will not deny you your Just due.

Stay humble in the midst and Let me answer your adversaries.  For I AM God and besides Me, there is No other, (Isaiah).

At the same time, many are being vindicated and justice is being served, it will still be a year of harsh judgment in the Kingdom for the rebellious house, and in the countries at large, as I prepare the Earth for End Time Harvesting.  Wheat and Tares, Goats and Sheep.

New commissions. NEW ORDERS.  New direction and New instruction.

Total reciprocity.”

God is about to showcase you, His shining, glistening Bride.  Prepared through the Fire into the Abundance of Rain!

Sowing and Reaping, (Galatians 6:9).  Blessing and Cursing from the same mouth, it should not be so. Let Me lead.  I will lead you in the path of righteousness for My own namesake.

Faithful, Faithful, Faithful He is.  Believe His Prophets and you will Prosper.  Selah.


~ Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell
Crown Jewel Ministries.
Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.

End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne KendellEnd Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne Kendell





2016 – The year of the Double — 14 Comments

  1. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU for this confirmation!!!!the battle has been tough but its time for victory!!!!!!

  2. Thank You, thank you thank you! This word has literally brought me to tears! God Greatly bless you and keep you is my prayer!  I Sooooooo Receive this Manna from on High!!!☝️

  3. Amen and amen!!! What a fantastic word of encouragement bring on 2016 for double restoration for all that was stolen!!! Thank you sister for your great word!! Abundant blessings to you and your family ❤️

  4. Wow!!! Again this is Mind Blowing Already & I am so Excited looking forward to my mind being blown by the Holy Ghost! Thank You Jesus for doing exceedingly abundantly above all that I can ask, think or imagine! Prophetess you are a Great Gift to the Body of Christ!

  5. Thank You.
    This is confirmation for me, because restoration has been in my spirit since October of this 2015 year. Our Father is greatly to be praised!

    • In fact I due also acknowledge that this word comes from God.
      2016 is the Year of restoring the Fortunes of Zion (Psalm 126:1-2)
      Thank you all and God be forever honored, exalted and glorified!


  7. This is confirmation God spoke to me and that even it trickle into triples and I noticed to places you used the word double 3times and at the end Faithful 3 times God bless you