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  1. Is there an actual date for the 3 days
    Not sure with this Bethlehem star showing up from the 21st 3 days before christmas does that mean 3 days are within the winter solstice when the sun is the furthest?! Honestly I was going to turn all electronics off from the 21-25.

  2. Have you seen what is in the weather forecasts right now regarding Saharan dust crossing the atlantic? I’m not sure if that’s actually what it is tho.

    • Tares are a weed that grows among the wheat, they look like wheat while still young.
      It is not until they mature that they are identified as a weed so they are nurchured by the grower.
      So it is with the men of earth!

  3. So lately I have felt a strong urge in my spirit to look into this 3 days of darkness. There were 3 days of darkness in Exodus, right before the first Passover lamb was slain and 3 hours right before Jesus died on the the cross and the earthquake was so great that people came up alive out of their graves! Both are pictures of the Passover, then rising up to go out to the Promised Land. I think we will have those days right before Passover which actually begins April 7 (14 Nisan) and not April 8th as the Hebrew calendar states. This would indeed be a time that no one knows the day or hour because it’s off by a day. The other verses, in my opinion, are during the 7 year tribulation. There’s could be double fulfillment though too. Anyway, I have “oil in my lamp” by way of candles. I’ve felt the need to prepare and warm others. I do believe this virus was the catalyst. Rev 8:11 is almost here too. They have been hiding it by spraying our skies with chem trails and using a fake sun when the Wormwood system of planets eclipses our real sun. It’s been happening for a few years now. Hardly anyone knows. I’ve seen it on webcams myself and have tons of screenshots. No one cares or believes. They will soon enough!!!

    • Jenn I feel the same about the virus. Also I have been talking about the spraying in the sky for awhile which no one seems to care about or even believe. The Roman Catholic church is in ruins with corruption and the virus is ravaging Italy. I am encouraging people to renew their relationship with God but have only spoken about the 3 days with a few. I also thought it would occur over Passover maybe maundy Thursday and Friday that Jesus was crucified. Im glad I found your comment in this trying time

      • I have a friend who talks of this fake sun.. what do you mean about eclipsing our real sun and why would they? Surely you don’t think the catholic church is what is at stake? God is not religious, people are.

        • Your friend is correct about the sun.  That’s one f the reasons they have been chemtrailing the planet for so many years, to block the real sun.  Also if you have noticed the sun is now white and burns your skin.  Also they have put a different moon up there, reminds me of the Death Star from star wars.  Also time has been changed intentionally to the gregorian calendar which is a solar calendar, instead of a lunar one.  My thought on this is simple.  When what we believed was 2012 & nothing happened therefore people thought it wasn’t true.  Not so, according to the Orthodox Ethiopian Calendar it’s actually not 2020, it’s 2012.  Look it up.  Blessings to you and your family.  9/23/2017 the Great American Eclipse, didn’t it seem odd to you that the moon went from the West to the East, went through 7 cities called Salem (Peace) and Cairo (little egypt) with the Mississippi River representing the Nile River, also Memphis Tennessee has a pyramid?  There is also a City in Egypt called Memphis.

  4. Hello Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing the information and warning.
    The prophecy about the 3 Days Darkness goes back about 1400 years ago by saints of at least the Catholic and Coptic Orthodox Churches.

    St. Samuel the Confessor of the Coptic Orthodox Church, mid 7th Century, mentioned about tribulation event that will take place in the future in detail (there is a manuscript). Also, St. Abdel Messih Makary Manahry who died in 1963 in Egypt spoke about the 3 days darkness in detail and mentioned that all Christians will mark their doors with a cross and that candles will be used and that there will be no electricity at that time. He also mentioned that anyone who leaves his home during those 3 days will die.

    The 3 days darkness relates to the prophecy of St Samuel the Confessor and his manuscript that refers to a race that will become extinct.

    The darkness will be the result of a man made destructive action. It is obvious to me that it will be a nuclear action that will pull the earth out of its axis around which the earth revolves. Even astrologers from the time of ancient Egyptians knew that something will happen that will end ‘time’ as they knew it. A renowned British astrologer mentioned about that event about 120 years ago in one of his books. He made no mention of the prophecies but said that based on his calculations (using spherical geometry).

    The 3 days darkness also relates to the Garabendal Apparition of Holy Mary in Spain to Conchita Gonzalez and others. Conchita is alive and Holy Mary asked her to announce the time of the tribulation 8 days (as far as I remember) in advance to give enough time for people to travel and go home. The Garabendal apparition was not approved by the Catholic Church, however, it was approved by St. Padre Pio.

  5. Dear Sister, God showed me in Matthew 13, the tares will be gathered first.  The Pre tribulation Rapture is false doctrine.  The three days is when the tares are gathered. I believed in the Rapture my whole life until God showed me the truth. God bless you.

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