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A Blessing is Coming Upon You — 3 Comments

  1. THANK YOU so much for this.message
    Today is 10.19.20 Mon
    I disconnected myself from so called members of family. Well I receive important urgent NOTE from a sweet.beloved Woman of GOD re Covid 19 vaccine. So I felt my mother’s family needed to be alerted so I TEXT to my sisters, cousins, associates and receive only ONE response⏰. NOTHING from family members I was hurt & offended.
    After READING this message…it helped me 2 try moving FORWARD (& I will..I did) cause u never know who u may need.

  2. Amen dear brother. After reading this The Lord gave me two things for “her”, and anyone else experiencing God’s “Silence”.

    BTW, Online Etymology defines the noun “silence”:
    “muteness, state of being silent,” from Old French silence “state of being silent; absence of sound,” from Latin silentium “a being silent,” from silens, present participle of silere “be quiet or still,” *** “be quiet or still”. Wow, what a revelation! Never knew this either.

    First: Please read Oswald Chamber’s Devotional, Utmost For His Highest, for today, 10/11/20, that I read earlier.
    The title is “God’s Silence-Then What?” A real blessing for us who have/are experiencing God’s Silence. OC refers to John 11:6.

    Second: The title of the old 60’s song “Silence is Golden” came to mind. I refer to the title primarily, but the lyrics are kinda interesting too…..

    I hope and pray this will be an encouragement to you. In Jesus’ Love.

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