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A Change of Season — A Change of the Guards — 7 Comments

  1. “For surely I say unto you My child, you are a hidden vessel sent forth for such a time as this. Your Word is strong, sure and mighty because even I the Lord speaketh through you as a true mouthpiece. Light the torch for the Olympic games for the end time race, My child. Carry on.”

  2. This is absolutely amazing. Here the Lord, through you, has beautifully confirmed the work he has set me to do. Am terminal, following removal of lung and 1/2 colon( cancer) , almost passed twice, but then able to return home with assistance. Before leaving Calvary the words of the Lord were so clear “ not yet, you must finish the work I have set you first.
    The “work” ( researched since 1980) is exactly what you have described as Guardian of Grace , to which I add …Guardian of Truth. This work has been to highlight details that were changed or left out of our Bible from the Council of Nicaea in 325AD by so “biblical scholars” called Correctors – to make sure all in the Bible was in keeping with Roman doxology, much was changed, omitted and destroyed.
    I am quietly writing the final chapters of an amazing work- the Lord has guided me every step of the way with such a fire burning in my spirit. Thank you so so much. The Lord bless you mightily,

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