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  1. Not sure about this. My ‘sad’ stories and the things that I have gone through, are the experiences that God has used to shape me. The comfort that I have been given, is what I can use to comfort others. In my weakness is His strength. God says that my tears are precious to Him and keeps them in a bottle.  Jesus says that in this life we will have trouble and to expect it. It also says in Revelation that He will finally wipe away our tears and there will be no more sickness, pain and death. Until that time there will be.
    Having supported a disabled – believing – loved one for 4 decades, God has laid disabled and elder care on my heart. I was given three dreams where I petitioned the leader of our country about changing the health care system. I speak up into the system and use my experiences to try to change things for others. Some of that entails challenging current ‘ideologies’ which has crept in, for which it could be said that I am committing a ‘crime’.
    Not all of us are destined to ‘walk on water’. Jesus gave the privilege of caring for his earthly mother to the disciple who lay on his breast.

  2. Good beautiful Day Deborah. :)
    I love how on cue He is!! I’m home taking care of my mother this week. The drive to the hospital is in a city about 40 miles from my home town. On the way, right in-between, is the house I lived in as a child. It’s just off the freeway so I drove past it yesterday, remembering a few of the times spent there with my family and friends. It was there that I experienced my first day of school, back in the days when it started with kindergarten. I remember that morning vividly. I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast with my brothers and went to the bus and woke up, it was only a dream, so I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast with my brothers and went to the bus and woke up, so for the third time I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast with my brothers and on the third time I got on the bus and went to school. There’s something so powerful about that third time. I’ve been working through the regrets and losses with Holy Spirit and can almost feel the water under my feet. :D
    I love how beautiful your heart of encouragement is Deborah. He works through you in such a kind and loving way.
    God bless you. :)

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