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A Choice Between Two Wells? — 2 Comments

  1. The truth of the tune into the spirit, glory and the show off of God power now blessings. His flip of the tale to the real experiences of now in living kingdom. The channel of your screens of your eye lids and mind to see the heaven open up right now,right before your eyes miracles that real enter= (gold and silver glory) ment that Heavenly Father has for you instead from the Hollywood’s enter(tain=CLAY)ment then new golden idols to form your eye gates mire muck in your life style high jacks. My experience with my first 12 YEARS TV FREE return 2012 to see it now My heart question what happen? how can this be on tv. 3years return back to TV and movie. All the mockery of harm and abuse of God’s people with the lies of change names to mask the agreement of unknowing so call small Christ christians to be entertain by devil tales of traps of plots that caught us and me in dark time. Show our weakness as an show or script of painful day to be drama to watch allow to do nothing agreement traps of mind battle doors open to stone hearts please bless us all by turning it off and start save all the character around you as they are all around you being abused.thank you for eye open platform.

  2. Wow,powerful and true. We seldom see this kind of message. I rarely see the news even, unless there’s something important going on in the nation. Like you said brother regarding Yah”s word, that we have to come out of the world’s lifestyle. We have to wake up now before it’s too late. Thanks Mitch.

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