A Cloud of Kingdom Revelation!


The Spirit says, “My beloved, watch!  Here comes a cloud of Kingdom revelation that shall bring forth Kingdom elevation and timely restoration.  The waters will rise washing away the former things of yesterday!”

Early this morning, Papa spoke these Words to me, then He spoke again saying,

“Daughter, in this season, I AM releasing a holy hunger and thirsting in My people that will drive them into the deeper realms and dimensions of Kingdom revelation and glorious restoration.

For I AM shifting the atmosphere of complacency and complaining and I AM releasing the ministry of compassion that will make way for the manifestation of greater signs, wonders and miracles!”

After hearing these Words, I saw in the Spirit a small cloud being released from the deeper realms.  It came from the hidden realms of his glory.

As I watched the cloud, it began to rapidly grow, expand and increase in size. I watched as it grew larger and heavier.

Again the Spirit of God spoke and said, “Daughter, watch!  

Here comes a heavy cloud of Revelation, a cloud of hidden manna containing the hidden mysteries and secrets of My power and glory.

Daughter, tell My people to be ready and to be found empty, for now the weightiness of Kingdom Revelation shall now be poured out like rain and some shall call it, “The end-time rain of Kingdom revelation that brings forth Kingdom elevation, restoration and revival in the land!”

Warriors now watch!  For the measure of your expectation will determine the measure of Kingdom Revelation, Elevation and Restoration in this hour”,  says God.

I submit, the size of the cloud of revelation that I saw which carries restoration and revival will be determined by the size of our expectation.

God can only release, what we have the capacity to hold!

Decree and agree with me: My expectation for greater revelation, Kingdom elevation, restoration and revival is expanding and increasing.

Here are two keys; “Consecration and Dedication

In this hour and season, we must be willing to lay down our own lives even unto death, so that we might receive these deeper Kingdom revelations, and hidden mysteries.

It is only through consecration and dedication, that we will be empowered to steward this new level of Kingdom elevation, glory and authority.

We must be found empty of our own resources in order that we may truly be filled and infused with a greater measure of his power and anointing.

In this hour we are being prepared to go forth to impact, establish and occupy new territory for the kingdom of light and life.

I prophesy:   You will be a carrier of the Kingdom Revelation and Restoration.

You will become light bearers in a world of increasing darkness.

You will be a reflection of the fathers heart in this hour”!

In this moment, I see the Father imparting a new level and dimension of His heart to His set-apart ones.  I see the Father sensitizing and re-balancing the body of Christ.

Many will become awake and so aware of His heart and His presence, that it will cause many to be taken up higher, wider and further than they have ever gone before.

Many are about to receive a fresh outpouring of Kingdom revelation that will truly “Shake the world awake” to the glory of God.

“But you have come forward to mt. Zion..… therefore receiving an unshakable Kingdom – let us have grace, through which we may serve God with holiness and godly fear; for our God is also a consuming fire,”   Hebrews 12:22-29.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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