A Further Word for the United Kingdom!


The head of the python has been cut off.  New life and even greater strength returns!

Very late last night I was in bed drifting off to sleep, when the Holy Spirit said, “Daughter, get up, I have something to show you.”

I immediately sat up in bed and suddenly a powerful vision opened up to me, where I saw a very large and very powerful constrictor (python) tightly coiled around the United Kingdom.

I could see the heartbeat of the nation, beating very slowly.  The nation was being slowly suffocated by the increasing pressure of this powerful constrictors coils, the blood flow of the nation was being completely shut off.  The nation was slowly dying!

I watched as every area of the nation quickly became deficient of life giving blood and oxygen.  I watched as the heart of the nation was at bursting point.

When all of a sudden, I saw a portal of Glory open up over the nation and out of the heavens came a bright light a light that shone so brightly, that I could barely look upon it.

Then suddenly, I saw a glint of brilliant silver coming out of the bright light, and as I watched closely, I saw the tip of a large silver sword extend towards the nation.

Then suddenly, I saw the large silver sword being swung up high into the air.  I watched as the sharp silver sword came back down again upon the nation, cutting off the head of the powerful constrictor.

I watched as the head of the venomous snake fell to the ground and the coils that had been wrapped so tightly around the whole nation began to immediately unravel and they too fell to the ground.

Then I watched as precious life giving blood began to return to every area of the nation.  I could see the heart of the nation beginning to pump again bringing new life and greater strength to every area of the once dying nation.

The suffocating power of the large venomous snake was broken over the nation, and now the nation would become stronger and more powerful than it has ever been in history.

I then I heard these words come out of the heavens, “My beloved Britain.  These are days of Elijah.  

I have saved the best for last.  Watch as My governing hand now moves upon the land

My silver sword has fallen upon this nation, cutting off the head of snake called globalization that has suffocated and restricted my life giving blood flowing from this nation to the nations of the earth.”

After hearing these powerful words, I saw the United Kingdom being fully revived, fully renewed, fully restored and becoming a powerful, life giving source of strength, wisdom, revelation, counsel, knowledge and greater power to the nations of earth.

I declare:   These are the days of Elijah and He has saved the best for last!

The silver sword of The LORD has indeed fallen upon this nation, cutting off the head of the snake.  No longer will we be restricted, but we will become a greater, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

We will become a life giving source to the nations of the earth.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Further Word for the United Kingdom! — 2 Comments

  1. Praise to God for these Words and this vision!

    Greetings and blessings from your neighbor in Sweden.