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A Mighty Remnant Is Rising in the Earth! — 5 Comments


    Six stone pots of water
    Representing man and the judgement he deserves
    Water of the Word the letter that killeth
    Why its enough to give one a case of the nerves
    But behold the Bridegroom cometh
    With healing in His Wings
    With a vengeance to comfort those that morn
    With a bride that will arise shine and sing
    He’ll be coming by His Spirit
    On His Way to the Wedding Feast of the King
    Establishing His Throne in Mercy
    Sounding a Trumpet Wearing the Ring
    Kiss Him lest He be angry
    For an Iron Rod He will wield
    The kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdom of our God
    The fate of those that rebelled being sealed

  2. Veronika, thanks for this Word of encouragement.
    The remnant in the Catholic church will join with the remnant in the Protestant church.
    I prefer not to say “mighty” people.
    I prefer to say the “Gideon” people.
    That small number of people speaks of a remnant.
    The mighty God was with the Gideon remnant.
    I think this is what you intended to mean God’s power is perfected in weakness.
    I think this is what you mean, so throw out any criticism.
    I am a soldier on medication.
    Thank you.

  3. A mighty awakening is happening globally; an awakening such that God and His chosen remnant have become one.
    It is no longer man and His God; just God (in us the Hope of Glory).
    As we flow with Him in oneness, it is His mind operating in us, His feet that walk us about, His eyes that we see through, His hands that work.
    As with Adam originally – AS ONE!

    • I agree with the Spirit of God The testimoby given by the Spirit through Tommy Hicks in 1961 has been given for such a time as this. The Sleeping Giant is awakening!!
      Thank You Jesus for the Greater things we will see as Your Power is released through the hands of your ordinary people. Amen and Amen!!
      The captives will be set free, we will NOT die in the dungeon nor will we lack Bread. Praise God!!!

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