A Move into True Kingdom Assignments!

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It’s Okay to Want to Feel Love!

For all the leaders who may sometimes feel just like this, I come to share my flowers with you!  Just know that your labor is not in vain.  That it’s okay to want to feel love.

It doesn’t make you any less anointed or any less a leader, to want to feel appreciated.

Yes we know our reward is with the Father, but every now and then we could use a encouraging word, a loving gesture, because our warfare can sometimes be strong and intense.

Today is just a day that for some reason, I just wanted to rest in love, because I’m constantly going or ministering to somebody.

Every leader needs the time of refreshing when they are poured back into!  Some of you in leadership, I come to encourage you that God is going to bring you joy in this hour, because of your faithfulness and dedication you shall receive an abundance of love joy peace that will cause you to remain strengthen in your time of serving the people.

I just heard the Spirit of the LORD declare that, “Your latter shall be greater than your former!”  Get ready, there are some leaders who are getting ready to receive unlimited resources and God has granted you uncontested favor for your assignment for this hour.

Favor with travel hotels and even officials in the regions you are called to.

Favor with God and favor with man is your portion now for its the set time to favor you because of the mandate upon your life.

You are called to the nations therefore you need provisional sources to get to your destination.  Unexpected miracles of travel arrangements unexpected doors you have never been in before because of your stand of righteousness and holiness and your boldness to speak truth God is sending you forth in this hour.

All the persecution rejection and casting away by people was necessary for you.  It was all of those trials and test that you are now prepared to walk into new territory among new people.

Be encourage Men and Women of God for surely God is with you to bring you before great men that your voice will be heard that speaks the mind will and ways of God!

Be blessed today and work for God has blessed the works of your hands!  I love you and am praying for leaders today!  Sometimes we want to be seen as a person, instead of being recognize as only a source for the people!

One thing I tell leaders is, find you somebody who can see you.  We all need about three or four who see us as more than a provision for their lives.

Don’t Miss the October Shift!

Some of you are about to miss the shift!  October 19 is almost here!  Sudden marriages!

You found each other and yet dragging your feet.  Man, God has already told you, that is your wife, now get to stepping!

Woman, you already have spiritual confirmation that he is your husband.  Now what’s the problem?  You don’t have years or even months if God spoke it!

Stop letting bitterness and unhappiness rule, just because they had a bad marriage person counsel you!

In this hour Kingdom Marriages are springing forth!  I have my book taking marriage appointments, doing three days of four hours of intense marriage counseling.  Trust me, in ten minutes of what God give me to speak, you will know after I talk about marriage, family responsibilities and Kingdom assignments, if you heard God correctly about marrying the person.

Remember October 19, and some of you have already missed your spouse, because you didn’t like God’s choice, because you wanted a body or sex partner and not a husband or wife.

You missed your time of visitation, because you were looking for hips, hair and breasts, or biceps, triceps and sex organs, instead of character, attributes, behavior and a person who has a relationship with God and the ability to carry the weight of your assignment!

I’m just saying, don’t miss the shift!  “With this ring I thee wed,” is waiting on you!

Husbands, go get your Wives!

A Move into True Kingdom Assignments!

This new move of God will bring a release of those that have been completed by God and are working in a true Kingdom assignment.

Unmoving, unproductive persons, will not be able to hide behind or in the shadow of the movers and shakers in this hour!

God is looking for Kingdom building, Kingdom enhancing, Kingdom developing, Kingdom sowers that are working in the vineyard feeding shepherding covering interceding uplifting and winning souls to Christ.

Far too many people not doing anything but are just looking busy, because they connecting to persons who are busy!  In this season, what you have will be revealed and what you don’t have, will be uncovered.

I was sitting on my couch and I heard the Spirit of the LORD say,  “Tell the people to MOVE because there is a SHADOW CLONE trying to hide in your reflection.  There is about to be a sudden shift and elevation to uncover those who are connected for the wrong reason!”

People, get ready what you thought was your shadow is actually somebody trying to be just like you!

Uncovered, Unmasked, Revealed!  You will know them they will be the one that will get angry, because they can’t trace you, can’t find you, can’t follow you!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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  1. This word is public confirmation to a private revelation. Before God moves, He always confirms His word. May it be unto me as God has spoken…

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