A Now Word to the Nations!


“The sound of ‘the unstoppable march to victory and triumph’ is rising, rising, rising,”  says God.

I was awoken just after midnight to the loud sounds of a marching army.  As I pressed into the sound, suddenly I caught a glimpse in the realms of the spirit of a Royal Army rising up in great power and Kingdom Authority.

I could see in the distance, a thick cloud of dust rising high into the sky.  I watched and listened closely as this unusually large and highly coordinated Royal Army began to march, move and advance across the nations of the earth.

The sound of their marching was like the surf of an incoming tide.  I could see the warrior King, leading His mighty, well trained and organised army.  Then I saw that the procession was being led by a large military marching band.  A whole platoon of soldiers were blowing in their trumpets, leading the way forward.

Then I saw soldiers who followed, beating loudly on their drums, and I could hear the joyous sounds of many flutes and tambourines as this mighty Royal Army marched its way onto the battlefield.

Then suddenly I heard these words in the realms of the Spirit, “A firestorm of My Glory and the four whirlwinds are now moving upon the battlefield.  Listen!  This is the sound of the unstoppable march to victory and triumph!”

Immediately I was taken back into a very powerful spirit encounter that I had on the 7th April 2016, where I saw a firestorm, four whirlwinds and the four faces of God.

Again I was taken onto a battlefield and I saw the vision unfold before my eyes once again.

The sky was filled with the colours of deep red and orange, and I heard these words, “This is the dawning of a new day.”

The atmosphere was filled with great expectation and anticipation.  I could see the mighty warriors of God standing at attention on the battlefield, each one strategically positioned in their respective ranks.  I could see these mighty warriors were waiting!

I knew by divine revelation that these warriors were “Waiting for heaven to touch earth.”  Then suddenly a strong and mighty wind began to blow upon the battlefield.  I watched as four mighty whirlwinds began to form in the distance.

Suddenly I could see the four faces of God within the four whirlwinds.  I saw the face of the eagle within the whirlwind that came from the north, then I saw the face of the ox that came in the whirlwind from the west, then the face of man that came in the whirlwind from the south, and lastly I could see the face of the lion that came in the whirlwind from the east.

Now the whirlwinds moved in unison causing an immense dust storm to rise up from the ground which filled the atmosphere with an even greater expectation and anticipation among the warriors of God.

Suddenly a bright flash of lightning lite up the horizon and I could see what looked like the rising sun.  It was a large ball of fire which moved swiftly across the skies and towards the battlefield of warriors.

I watched closely as the mighty four whirlwinds moved upon the ball of fire.  Now I could see what looked like the four faces of God within the ball of blazing fire, the four whirlwinds seemed to push and propel the fiery ball forward.

I watched as the ball of fire drew nearer and nearer the battlefield.  Suddenly I could feel an intense heat from the ball of fire as it moved upon the battlefield of warriors.  I could hear the shouts of great rejoicing, suddenly my eyes were illuminated by God’s word and truth and I instantly received a new measure and a greater level of ‘seeing’ and ‘understanding.’

Then, like a sharpened arrow, I felt the fire and power of God deeply penetrate the deepest parts of my heart.  There was an instant supernatural ignition and exchange that took place deep within me.

My focus became clearer, and now I watched as the fire ball moved upon the mighty warriors of God.  I could clearly see the four faces within the four whirlwinds within of the fire.

I could see the fire of God in the whirlwind of the ox touching the mighty warrior evangelists igniting and empowering them with a greater power, strength and authority for the end-time harvest.  Then I watched the fire of God within the whirlwind of the eagle now touching the mighty warrior prophets, each one receiving greater insight, deeper revelation, accurate and precise vision.

I watched as the fire of glory touched their lips, and like hot coals they glowed brighter and brighter, then I watched as the fire of God within the whirlwind of man touched the mighty warrior shepherds.  The fire deeply penetrated their hearts, giving them a new level of humility, meekness, power and compassion.

Then I saw the fire of God in the whirlwind of the lion touching the mighty warrior apostles each one received a new level and a greater measure of divine wisdom, authority, might, humility and revelation.

Then I watched as these fiery, burning and anointed ones moved together in perfect unity, there were none greater than the other, shoulder to shoulder, and shield to shield they advanced and moved forward as one mighty army.

They moved, marched and advanced forward with one purpose, one vision and one mission.  Their hearts were set ablaze with the fires of glory and power, these are the mighty warriors that are now emerging in greater power and greater authority upon the earth.

Listen!  I believe it has begun.  Many are now feeling a sudden and sharp supernatural shift happening in the realms of the spirit in this hour.  There is an emerging army of Mighty Royal Warriors who are now going forth across the nations in a firestorm of His Glory and great power.

Watch!  For this is the season of divine intervention and supernatural turnaround, the sound of the an unstoppable march to victory is now being heard across the Body of Christ.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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