A Prophetic Sneak Peek At July 2016


Last week, I got the Daily Prophetic Words for July 2016.  They usually come to me all at once, and it normally takes less than an hour for me to do.

For years, I stood before individuals and gave prophetic words, sometimes over 5,000 prophetic words a year.

So in 2010, when God called me to start doing the Daily Prophetic Words, I used the same process.  Instead of prophesying to a person,  I stand before a day in the future and get a strong first impression from the Holy Spirit.

I do not think about them and they leave my mind right away.  So, when I get them delivered to my email inbox every day, I am pleasantly surprised, as are many other people, at how confirming and accurate they often are.

I love the way God speaks in such simple ways.  I can usually tell by the way they come to me how the month is going to be.

Last month, June, they were a little harder — it did not flow as easily.  That was an indicator that the month was going to be a bit of a laboring time to get things done.  But I noticed at the end of this month things started to pick up.

When I did them for July 2016, things flowed really fast for me in getting the Daily Prophetic Words.  I knew this was an indicator that it is going to be a fun month, and I even saw certain days that popped out at me.

I want to give you a sneak peak of what I heard from God about July.  I normally release a monthly prophetic word on my Spirit Connection Webcast the first Wednesday of each month.  I then convert it to a written prophetic word that goes out to my blog and around the Internet.  Usually, before I write the Daily Prophetic Words I ask God for a general overview of the month and I write that down.

Here Is What I Wrote down for July 2016:

July is going to be time of major changes.  Things that God has promised over the last few years are now going to start to take place.  The 15th — 17th there will be a major shifting.  Dreams are going to increase, as well as angelic activity. Watch for repayment from 2014.

Prophetic Dream

A few days later, after God had spoken to me about July, I had a prophetic dream that I knew was going to happen in July as well.  In the dream I was standing before a brilliant, crystal clear swimming pool.  The water was actually gold and silver, yet still clear as water.

I knew that when we jumped into this water it would activate things in the spiritual realm and bring about immediate answers to prayers.  I was so excited when I realized this and begin to share with others in the dream.

Get Ready for July to Be a Breakthrough Time

God is going to bring about answers to prayers that we have prayed for years.  This is such an exciting time as we are going to see accelerated breakthrough.


~ Doug Addison

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Doug AddisonDoug Addison is a prominent conference speaker captivating audiences with clean stand-up comedy and high energy prophetic messages, also shared on TV, radio and the Internet for over a decade.  He brings laughter, fun and a unique prophetic style while empowering people to transform their lives, discover their destiny and understand dreams, tattoos and piercings. His powerful messages stay with his audiences long after hearing him.

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