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A Prophetic Word for November 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. How can we be asked to submit to authority in, say, a land where Christians are being slaughtered for their faith, like North Korea? We are only to obey a government when they obey God, and I daresay that any country like mine- America- which kills unborn babies is not to be respected, period. We should treat lawmakers and government members with kindness and respect, but we have every right in a democratic country to disagree with the occurrences therein. There’s a difference between being a sheep and a sheeple, I feel.

    • Thank you for your comments but this is for those who are walking in the faith.  If you read the bible God is a God of justice and fairness, and he will deliver his people and not only will he deliver them but he will fight for him.  Now, what would it profit you to gain the whole world and to loose your soul because you have stooped to the level of the wicked I am guessing that would make you no better than the ones that you are calling unjust.  This is where our prayers come in to pray for all men and when you go to the poles to vote and not to become a rebel and try to over throw Kingdoms.  Which is what Satan tried to do in heaven and it got him kicked out of heaven, because he thought he could do a better job than God.  God knew man was not perfect that is why he told us to pray!  Thank you for your replay Miriam.  However, talk will never help our country; only prayer and obeying God when he tells us to move!

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